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For the ordered products we define the best procurement and production strategy.

In coordination with our customers we optimize the design of the components so that they can be manufactured as inexpensively as possible. Of course, we correspond to the prescribed technical requirements and deliver certified quality. Individual parts and assemblies, we procure very reasonably priced. Where we coordinate our procurement strategy to the target price expectations of our customers.

  • The final assembly and quality control, we carry out in-house
  • All materials and resources necessary for the production, we design and procured ourselves
  • Even the disposition and pre financing of the necessary inventory we do assume till the Just-In-Time delivery

We are working to target price basis

That means that the optimal procurement and production strategy is agreed with the customers price default, so that we can reach or even below it.


Innovative Mechanik und Fertigung
Friedrich-Seele-Straße 20
D-38122 Braunschweig
Deutschland / Niedersachsen


Our specialist team advises, plans and executes maintenance and service in a competent and customer-oriented manner.


Do you have questions about our services and products? We look forward to your call.
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